Friday, May 29, 2015


Stark Industries, GDBV2RB, The IRON MAN

Danny Huynh has been creating these special bodies with Marvel comic style for a few years now.

I am lucky that there are a large number of these mobile collectible artworks for me that have been re-located to Australia's Gold Coast and they are available to admire and photograph.

This one looked pretty good! so I had a close look and zoomed in for all to see.

New owner has added a few details like exhaust tips and minors. It will be used.

The V2 GT86 front looks a good match for the Subaru. As do the over fenders. 

Size of course is similar to my own V2 86 so I rested the body (205mm up front 215mm rear) on my RD-DR-BM equipped with Bruised Top line N-Model Red over chrome.

My "Ninja" Black Overdose DRB pictured is not dissimilar to the owners chassis (Black Overdose DPM)

Both are special. The upgrades on this ONE OFF chassis are equally special. Full custom carbon decks and bulkhead mounts. Zillion front knuckles provide more than enough lock.

CS has been raised to 2.5:1 GRK Slide Rack complements the WUN Upper and Overdose Lower arms.

All shock towers are 5mm lower and the bulkheads raised by 5mm.

Suspension stroke is long and handling is excellent.

I will not be changing the setting on this chassis for a while.

So there you have it. two very special items.

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