Sunday, May 17, 2015

GCRC Classic Car Show Part #3 - Drift Session!

Roll them out, lets rock!

Getting everyone to go slow for a few laps is tough.

 These guys are definitely speed addicts.

But these cruising shots are just right.

It's always a different look to the static imagery. 

Although less dynamic. There's a street feel to this.

Cruising around.

Yes, GCRC. 

NFS RX-3 always looking good.

The older machines have their own character when in control.

And then unleashed!

To run wild.

Collecting the flag bearers.

Screaming past.

The R3O is a cool looking brick.

American muscle.

The Tiger unleashed.

With all-comers on drift. 

I Just needs a driver.

Although these two cars looked awesome on track. These driverless machines just don't look right in the photos. 

The Drift Duet took a bit of my time so photography was limited.

The standard was set early. I'll be joining these two RWD machines in battle soon. 

With the GCRC Classic car show now complete.

I'll be preparing for the June 86 day once the date is finalled and then July will include Seven's Day.

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