Sunday, May 24, 2015

GCRC Sundie Best!

From the mini Storm-Trooper Drifter.

To a troop of storming drifters.

This Sunday was another special one. 

So hold on for a long post.

I relocated the shed diorama out by the track. It really creates a good look to the RE-Xtreme corner.  This Elvis impersonator is a hard working flag target master. one of 6 or 7 around the track. The team is building.

Well, yesterday I had tested the RF concept upgraded to CS 3.4.

She's a handful for sure but those who tried it soon had it cruising around.

Still with plastic shock absorbers installed. the balance is there. I think a wing or weight will get it just right.
Check facebook for a video. --->

Speaking of "just right" Rear Wheel Drive RC drifting is possibly one of the most frustrating things I have done. Getting these machines JUST RIGHT is hard. And for them to work well. They have to be JUST RIGHT. The Commodore atop my Yokomo Drift Master RWD Conversion is getting there.  

This machine is also one of those things that needs to be just right. The Tamiya 250mm wheel base 240Z is an nice looking machine. 

but getting the wheelbase right is another challenge. ARD adjustable sus blocks are great for this, but other chassis may not have this luxury.

Stance and angle.

Posi-Camber on full lock comes from Castor setting go to far and you will find the balance difficult but you start to get a realistic ( real car ) look

FWD to RWD conversion.

Speed filled slide by.


Everyone was up for a battle.

And battles were found

Mis focus...

Matt black and matt white. Nice.

Low angle Subaru Rally Style. Still cool!

As is a battle scarred hachi.

BMW. Blurry Motorsport Wilderness.

Now I'll finish with what I remember as a lot of fun in the Pan Speed "Asamoto" FC3s Rx7.

Others may remember a noising FC with the sound card blaring! Wa haha! go get one!

 Battle all comers!

Slide up close...

That big switch ...

and then get the side by side and measure the gap... wait for the moment to get the switch JUST RIGHT.

The FC3s is set up now, so the "Re-DRB Samurai Spec 3.2" aka the Red Overdose chassis DRB will probably sit on the shelf for a while. 

While I wait for Seven's day to come around in July. But in June the 86 event will take the stage. And I have 2 other chassis to setup for that.

but the Asamoto FC is definitely "the boss!"

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