Wednesday, May 27, 2015

GCRC Battle, Test and Tune

Hey Mario! get out of the way!

Lot's of RWD and a bit of tuning, but always battles a plenty.

Don't be fooled... Smiling Mario is an assassin! 

My Drift Master RWD Chassis (under the commodore) is starting to react pretty well.

Starting to have some fun with it.

But apologies to those I smashed into! Spun in front of and generally ploughed through !

Love the crumple zone!!! I think this is an 86, What do you think?

JXR Beasts!

 Everyone else was still driving awesomely!

This is a Nissan Leotard! LOL! ha ha! Slip one on for extra "Tight" battles.

My Drift Master really needs a few choice parts before it's really good to be worry free, But I am getting there. 


  1. nice to see you are rwding again!:)

    1. It's funny... almost the same as the imadoki...
      Just need some new long stroke shocks and I'm good.


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