Sunday, May 17, 2015

GCRC Classic Car Show Part #1 - Coachwork Contest

Today was a blur... But all the preparation pays off. Shine em up! Game ON!

Toyota 2000GT and Datsun 240Z. About as classic as they come.

The flat paint on this one looks awesome. 250mm Body extended.

Hidden in this case by the over-fenders. Street Jam dominate the ol' school category for rim selection.

Steelies are also an option.

My Gemini is one of those classics with modern twist. Rays 57-Extreme just the thing for a 2.0L drift car with a huge turbo.

Some of these machines are regularly used. The Ken&Mary '72-'77 Skyline selection was varied.

Whilst others are just for that weekend drive.

Some are shakotan specials with the artist's touch.

Specific drift & race machines have their own style.

This harlequin master is one of those modern restorations for pure performance. Brake package looks awesome.

Hakosuka... the C10 lunch box skyline shape was equally popular. '68-'72

Black or white with lot's of chrome! That's the ticket.

I have to use the camera to pick up the details. The stickers a note able issue on this basher shell.

The same owner, with time spent on details. This is the stuff I like. 

Siver Hako time! Enkei's and wings.

These 3 spoke Advan's matching the coloring nicely. 1971 was good year!

I liked this Hakosuka with the guards in silver. In some ways, silver definitely puts the "class" in the classic.

Savanna's also popular on the day.

This one with a 4 rotor swap.  Scale dynamics rims also a good match.

A car I've featured before... in striking NFS livery. This machine always looks great.
 (sorry for the bad image) 

Another RX3, this time without the wide fenders. 

When fitted, You can hardly recognize the machines. 

Isuzu Bellett. Ol' school yellow lighting. definitely period correct.

This next selection starts the modern end of the Ol' Scool calendar.

Startlet also looking cool.

The odd hachi sneeking into the period

And while the s30 Leopard is defintely not yet a classic @ around 86...

These are definitely getting there. VC Commodore is on the cusp of classic stardom!

Did I say Stardom?

R31 starts in '85. 

The '81 R30 is definitely there. The metallic flat blue colour on this machine looked awesome. You will see more of this is action.  

S130 280zx began in 78 about the same time as the SA22 Rx7. A body that has eluded the RC fraternity for some time. Come on Tamiya We need a re-release.

Some guys, don't have a classic. But this one certainly will be very soon. In a few years a pristine S13 will be so valuable because they have all been destroyed by drifters like us.

This US Machine definitely grabs the attention.

This Mustang also looking the business. I expected a few more American Muscle cars to balance the hoards of JDM Classics.

In Australia, the classic influence of Japanese and American Classics far outweigh the Euro machines. but that's not always a bad thing.

A great turnout today...

Next up... the winners.

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