Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Yokomo RF to R4 Concept.

Notice anything different about this little drift package...?

 It's front wheel drive only and has a wheelbase of 215mm

But true to drift package form. it accepts all parts available.

So out came the box of left overs. Team suzuki arms, lower castor blocks... Chassis already has massive built in kickup!

Spice under drive front 40-10 gearset and one way.

Blue alloy centre shaft cups, imadoki front towers and titanium turnbuckles.

Rear has FCD 2.0 gearset with alloy drive and a few more pieces have been added.

unfortunately, my selection of rear knuckles and axles isnt an exact match... so I am stopped on the build until my narrow suspension set arrives.

Gonna be fun trying to tame this little beast... PS... M-Chassis RX7 SA22 with fenders incoming!

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