Friday, May 27, 2016

Double Moon at GCRC

Beardman meets the Moolman. Setup time @ GCRC

  With the beardman installed, time to get used to the Tsunami power.

But he was just the pace setter. The main job tonight was testing the MST VIP XXX-D RWD.

Testing the MST without a body was easy. Adding a Skyline Hakosuka caused spinning and completely different handling.  We'd been struggling with this old school body on the MST and couldn't get the balance we needed. It's a similar condition on my own chassis with Gemini in place, the blunt front end and no rear spoiler upsetting the balance. Add a modern sports car and any of those issues go away.

So it's time for the full moon battle with all comers.

Check the updates on the 33. monster turbo in place! awesome!

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