Sunday, May 15, 2016

GCRC Classic Car Show Part#3 Duet Drift

Duet Drift. The chance to put on a show.

If you come to an event and don't have a regular drift partner. We can pair you up. 

When you don't regularly run together, it's hard to get it right. but I always applaud people to give it a try. 

with only a few minutes practice. it was good sot see a TRUE beginner and a near beginner turning in some good corners. Next point. linking them together.

next up we have another irregular pairing.

50:0 XY and RWD beetle. It would always be hard to get proximity.

Individually running good lines, but 

Not together enough to take the win. 

another new pairing 

Three competition laps were almost enough.

getting closer and closer.

Drag or drift?

Unfortunately, mechanical failure saw the torana used as a backup car.

These two would have been much closer.

50:50 vs RWD is hard to manage the speed and angle differences.

Love this shot.

This machine gets a double shot. 

pairing with son #1 then son #2

Some good corners, however 

Proximity ultimately not in favour. 

Slide on boys.

#3rd place team is a RWD and Counter Steer pairing.

Small differences in sped and line ultimately unable to be side by side as long as they needed. 

While they don't make it easy for themselves, the grins are wide. 

Love this shot. Big thanks to Mr. Frener on the camera duty during the battles.

Someone gets a ride as passenger..

Absolute enthusiasts.! < Wez and > Scott

I can't say I have a regular battle partner these days. I've been driving RWD machines with all comers recently. 

Trying to set a line is getting there.

But those small line mistakes from being a bit cautious in competition is another thing to deal with entirely. 

My youthful partner always happy to attack. Our Holden Machines looking awesome. 

Not quite solid enough for the win, but very happy with a second place.

< Russ (me)... and > James.

Starting from here, 

Then getting to here looked awesome. These two have similar CS settings and a thousand laps in the bag just like this.

Sometimes the lines are not quite right.

One on the fence and one inside,

 But when you get awesome solid laps with good proximity, it's the gold prize you take home!

Duet Drift Champions!  < Jade and > Nick.

We only award small prizes but the competition element remains. To give your best effort and minimize  mistakes in a pressure environment is a measure of your own skills as well. Well done to all competitors!

Se you at the next event in a couple of months.

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