Tuesday, May 31, 2016

GCRC Battle Train 2016

Battle Train 2016 was a trial event.

We have been working on trains at GCRC recently, so I devised a test of skills.   DP, DriftLine, JXR and JXR

With a random draw of 3 or 4 drivers this highlighted the depth of driver skill at GCRC.

Mixtures of CS and RWD or All RWD showcasing some determined effort for constant line and constant spacing.  FR-D, DP-DM, R3R and DIB

I did award prizes, but actually all I wanted to try was a mix up of skills. 

A team of three and a chase car.

Following the king of constant line all showed some awesome skills. 

It's was a great job by all. Driftline, JXR-W and RMX

A bit of battle as these guys finished their runs.

My own team was luckily made up of all RWD. Vacula, and RE-doubleW  

I sneaked into the middle here to give our team a good chance. I was really impressed how awesome the other drivers have become. 

All these images speak for themselves... :-)

and.... across the line.

This 30 minute mini-event was a good trial, I really enjoyed trying something new.

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