Tuesday, May 3, 2016

GCRC Madhouse Part #2

R32 battles continue...

door to door for laps.

NKOTB getting up to speed and on line.

Full Overdose FR-D getting among the action. A bit of weight in the right zone helping to balance this particular chassis.

Closing in on a battle.

With the front two balancing line and speed, you can hunt.

But when you get there you have to balance your speed and be respective of line. 

Because if you get off line you bring along even more on your line and pretty soon, things get tight. 

These two En Route JXRs have been waiting for RWD setup. Now they are back together, we can expect some awesome battles.

Debut run already bringing the battle guns.

Just goes to show that with the right mods, you can dial in a good balance.

Looking good.

The two tracks at GCRC have a different grip level. The CS machines find this "D1" track a bit grippy but the RWD machines can accept the swap between both tracks with ease.

Speeds are slightly up, but that means you can build speed and throw in for those big dynamic D1 style Entries.

Fun Fun Fun everywhere.

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