Friday, May 6, 2016

Mil Comp - Part #2 Battles.

Millennium Raceway Drift comp was fun.

Finding a setup on a track I don't visit as often as I'd like, I always knew that it would be a tough ask.

Who would be the Drift Boss?

Visiting GCRC regulars trying to get on line and on pace first time on carpet with their new rwd machines. 

Dialling in a decent setting was not too far off. 

86 86 86!

A bit of practice for the comp.

Setups and tyre selection have a great impact on speed and what you can make a car do on carpet. The locals show this to great effect. But I wasn't too far off. Driving these cars after highlights the importance of front end grip.

With superior turn in and transition, it was fun to watch these two especially getting ready for their first battles.

High speed close proximity would see the Red/Blue machine into 3rd place.  

More than a bit of high speed big angle entry testing.. woo hoo! 

GCRC entrants were battling the Millennium regulars.

My battles with highlighted a different driving technique.   

but the 86 still looks cool.

But I don't run comps often, so happy to learn from the experiences.

Carpet dust looks cool. Just don't breathe it in.

Driftline Duo, inevitably had to knock themselves out before the final.

Always fun to watch though.

Eventually GCRC member S15 snatching the MAIN prize from the Red R30 Skyline. "Can't touch this"

A good little event for a Fried Friday 


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