Sunday, May 15, 2016

GCRC 2016 Classic Car Show - Part #2 - Coachwork Contest Winners

Winners are grinners. Let's check the top selections.

Scott's RX3 took out the #1 body award as voted by entrants.

Sometimes the colours are the major attraction. But you still need a little more.

excellent rim selection and a full interior saw the votes stack up.

The quality and sheer number of entries splits the votes on days like these.

Nathan's Torana grabbed the attention of many.

 the sheer MADNESS of a FULL MONSTER Blown V8 shocking people.

 Serious DRAG style.

out back there's more.

The LJ Torana is an All Australian Holden legend that usually ran a small straight six.

But if attend any burnout competition in Australia, you'll probably see something like this.

Nathan's detail work also grabbed him the GCRC Body Detail award.

Now, in Japan, you will see something like this.Sam's Kenmeri replicates the JDM culture well.

The Shakotan (low down) style is unmistakable.

Add that to a later classic R32 livery and some amazing rims. You get a very cool machine.

Nissan or Datsun. we don't care. The smallest of margins saw a few machines with multiple votes, lining up behind these. 

Special Mention to Joji's Isuzu Bellet , Trent's Camaro and Arun's Skyline also.

I also give an award to someone who has put in some real effort, and just encapsulates fun or something new. 

Mr Pototo head, wearing a Gundam style helmet in a hoodless, Turbo powered 86. What's not to like.

The other side features a hacksaw wielding monster. The Body itself also has full cage, diffuser, and a worthy winner of the encouragement award. Kain's 86 is thinking outside the box.

Well done champions.

While not taking an award, I heard many comments through out the day regarding the paint you see here. 

The harlequin "flip" paint gives any car a split personality,.

These two Camaros are polar opposites. The flat white 69 model no less appealing.

The show machines look amazing.

Also good to see that GCRC can attract drifters from the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Northern Rivers area of NSW.

Thank you everyone for attending. I love judging these events.

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