Sunday, May 15, 2016

GCRC 2016 Classic Car Show - Part #1 - Coachwork Contest

GCRC Racway's Classic car show again brought out some amazing machines. Lets check them out.

86 only might just classify for a classic, but this one had some cool details.

Toyota Starlet always draws attention.

Speaking of attention, this beetle certainly gets some.

with its bum turned around, some people may have missed the detailed engine. Amazing.

This machine goes for the style

but it needs to be in the sun.

mini mini. short wheelbase.

I loved the rim selection on the Falcon XY GT HO

Is that a 69 camaro.

corrolla low down.

Corrola and RX3. both sharing carbon bonnets

ABC hobby make a lot of older shapes

Skylines and Savannas are the main.

Aussie Torana's, Gemini's and Commodores were also a popular choice

 DRAG inspired.

an awesome beast. 

HPI low style

Old Skylines out for a Sunday Drive

My Gemini, set up with "Daigo" fender smoke holes. MEAN.

While my Toyota 2000GT is the classy end of the Ol'school theme

Skyline section

Hako and some unique wheel selections.

focus... I love the flat paint on this one.

Real 280Z owners drive RC 280zx.

more skyline.

metal wheels and cool details.

Holiday time.

This holiday was a boy too long.

the fresh prince.

And the old school lines.

More, yes more. Hardened battle machines.

and newer square edges.

86 section...

that's called camber

low and smooth.

the P.I.G ready for more battle.

Commodore Croup C 

and while this machine is not quite classic yet. it wont be long until their prices will increase

An amazing lineup.

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