Tuesday, May 24, 2016

GCRC Dori School - Part#2 GoGo!

Contributions to RE-Xtreme and GCRC from other guys behind the camera really add to our enjoyment. 

Thanks to the guys for picking up the camera.

I think the contribution though extends to everyone as the content also provided tonight also makes the photographers look great too. You can't capture stuff like this without the drivers also trying their best.

Two short lessons over the last weeks in the drift school has really started to see massive improvement. It has also raised the bar for the top level 

 I know it's helped my own lead runs as well. Setting the pace and line is another skill.

Those converting from CS to RWD are also getting up to speed quickly. 

It takes a bit of time to build a new skill set. Yes there are 3 cars in this picture. 

DriftLine chassis drivers are always able to be dynamic and can run any line. This solid setup comes from trial and error but these days theres a few settings that just need to be so.  

Once you have them... you can do this with more ease. Then you can concentrate on the line, spacing and looking cool!

Super happy with how the new R32 looks on track. I've already had 2 of these, so I know they handle well.

I knew I wanted some more visibility on track and this one increases that.

Love the kazama FXR wheels also. 

While it may be slightly removed from the A~Bo~Moon Blue. I love the impact it has.  My DRB-REW getting some big angle with some cool details. Driver adding to the effect.

Not only easy for me, but easy for others to judge distances. 

More than a few laps of side by side.

Just have to get these guys some figures for their ghosts driving cars look a bit strange at times..   

3 RWD and 2 CS here.  and more around the track.

Check the backgrounds too. All are trying to stick to the Line I set for the night.

The results are damn good. 

Picking up more as we go. 

One of the other groups circulating at that time.

 Later in the night it was battle time.

Squeezing the spaces closer and really only accommodating two up battles. 

Still some awesome images here. 

Love this shot.  It's how I like to run my bodies. I run a bunch of velcro. The body sits on the rims and actually moves with the suspension. so the car ALWAYS looks low. 

Watch out for those up the inside... sometimes it's me.... hehe.

Slide on!

Southern visitor hooking in.

Chasing us down. 

It's always interesting battling with another body that I have painted in the past... I have to remind myself   to watch the right machine.

Refreshed 86 looking awesome.

Grey Style. 

Thanks to all for the awesome session at GCRC.

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