Tuesday, May 24, 2016

GCRC Dori School - Part #1 Go!

When I arrived at GCRC Tonight... Things were already in full swing.

A heap of cars and a heap of drivers.

Battle lines were already drawn!

Left right... foreground background. Cars circulating very well. 

Some big entries... with Big Style 

And some refreshed style.

And some visitors.

mixing with the locals.

Read the door.... indeed.

So what was tonight's drift school lesson? LINE!

You can see a few squares placed on the track.

as ling as ALL cars roll over the squares, they should be pretty close to being on line.

This really was working well. with long trains and short trains forming around the track. 

Green car her just has the back on the square... just. which means he'll be heading inside the train. 

 Sometimes people will run a little narrow if they fall behind.

 But generally everyone was really great!!!!

The only issue is, If you get turned around. you get the train coming in pretty fast. But generally everyone was able to avoid the situations. 

great turnout. 

Over 20 drivers on track through out the night. 

From newcomers to experienced.

a few 50:50, a few CS and a whole lot of RWD action.

At the end of the night people we getting some serious  Tsuiso Battles happening.

Even these have really improved in quality....

I think these little drift school skill points are really helping the guys so I'll continue to run some more creative ideas for the schools.

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