Tuesday, May 17, 2016

GCRC Training Part #2

Hanging it all out. Superb out clip.

Tonight , I took the R31 on track. A bit tight here, but the entry to this corner is pretty fast. Up to the door and no more is where I like to position my car in a battle.

Running this close in a train would get a bit crazy with zero margin for error. So i'm already starting to back out for the next transition. 

I want to follow the line of the car in front, so I try to position my machine just on the rear bar as speeds go up or we get into a train. The third machine is getting ready to transition a bit too soon. If the R31 was to move across the track, it's line is somewhat blocked already as there's no margin to drop back to transition.

In a Battle we want to transition the following car slightly before the lead car for best attack.

2then1 very close together. 

But in a Train we want to transition after the lead car. 

1    then     2     then     3    then    4    then   5.

there's no way we can do 54321 as a battle would suggest.

Keeping a space during a higher speed transition allows for all to swap over easily one after the other. 

Something like this spacing is good.

Following in a train vs pure battle needs a slight mindset change. Of course as skills improve then the space decreases, but starting to change your line and aggressive battle mode takes "The Want" to try.

But communication is the key. Sometimes we just want to battle. The western world has this very competitive culture. Whereas the Japanese scene is not as battle hungry. The desire to share the fun is much greater.

So whether it's a single Top Qualifier run, a twin battle or a multi-car train. Appreciate the differences and be prepared to adjust your driving.  IMO it's much easier to concentrate on these things with RWD. The cars are much more forgiving and I find myself concentrating a lot more on line and positioning than I ever did with Counter-steer machines.

This shot was excellent.

So I decided to split it up into a double close up.

 Drift line A~Bo~Moon Double take.

Se you next time...

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