Tuesday, May 10, 2016

GCRC Weekly Battles

RWD, 50:50 or CS. We are all getting it on.

Preparations are well underway for the weekend's Classic Car Show and Swap Meet.

More than a few machines on track getting their setups together.

And others trying something completely different.

Some cool details tucked inside these machines.

Remote cameras, electronic driver heads. etc etc

Ive loaned out the Commodore and it's ready to battle my Gemini. Holden V Holden. There will be more than a few. 

The big wide beast working well

more than a few wearing some green paint.

I also loaned out the DRB-REW so i could get some pics, So much grip in this machine now.

but great fun.

Some great fun for a few hours bit high speed and big angle.

The FD has a great balance.

finally after making some crazy setup changes.

 Japanese Rotary vs Aussie V8, Where does the heart lie.

High Speed hook-ins, We eventually got that magic 1mm side by Side entry, but I was smiling so much, I couldn't finish the corner.  ;)

Whatever your style, It's all fun.

 While my modern cars will be taking a break. The Classic Car Show is going to be AWESOME!

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