Friday, May 13, 2016

DRB-REW Setups

Finally got the 4 colour combos together for a shoot.

Hook in... Let's set them up.

First up lets check the SSG chassis.These two are somewhat similar, but still with many differences.

Th major difference is the steering Wiper and Servo setup.

Tsunami Blue machine is utilizing the front servo location. This requires some custom work.

Ninja Chassis 001 runs Wrap Up next FR-D Wipers. this allows the servo to remain in the stock position. Also useful for twin setups.

Full Overdose upgrades including OD shocks, OD front knuckles and OD drift package suspension components.

Accuvance Luxon KG Motor and Airia ESC, Futaba Servo and MST Gyro.

SSG and Tsunami Blue. For V1.2 I'll be modifying the battery plate with an extra set of holes to bring the battery option slightly forward.

 As you'd expect, these two slide very well together.

Here's a shot of the weight balance on the DRB-REW with 4500 short LiPo.

These two are the Black Ninja Chassis #001 and Polished Silver Typhoon #000 Prototype.

The black carbon shown here is NOT the production version twill. This identifies the prototype chassis along with more holes.

You can however see the difference in the lower deck and the V1. production Upper deck and battery tray.

Playing with some different setups on the rear of this one. Wide track allows some extra space for play

I've modified the overdose lower arms for more wheel clearance on lock. I've also changed back to the Normal DRB front tower supports to allow for more castor adjustment than the V2 can provide.however my red and blue chassis run the V2 without issue.

I'm still playing around with setups on all these chassis and they keep getting better. More stable and somewhat smoother.

Samurai Red is using the venom pulley set, with NORMAL ESC rotation.

Although you can't tell whats underneath, these days the DRB-REW is getting out there.

From high speed pass.

To controlled acceleration

I'm enjoying the flexibility and control I can get from the different setups.

Rocket Bunny test bed 86 is dying slowly, so a replacement is on the cards.

But until then, It's fun every time.

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