Monday, May 16, 2016

R31 in da house! $10 rebuild

Quick project almost complete.

As I recently sold the R32s and R33 and I'm waiting to build an A~Bo~Moon replacement. I picked up this well and truly thrashed and repaired  R31-house Skyline for $10 at the GCRC Swap Meet.

I already had some front and rear light buckets and spare Speed Way Pal fenders laying around, so i thought why not?.

You can see the head light paint pen effect that needed to be removed along with some original paint at the rear which now makes way for buckets

When I had the body on the chassis, I forgot I had 8mm hubs so I went for +10 fenders, but could have used 7mm. So now it's 220mm wide , much lower (ready to scrape) and looking very very tough.

Spice 13mm offset rims doing their best to fill them out.

Big crack up front is semi-repaired. but removing the carbon look sticker from the bonnet revealed 4 big holes, so I decided to make a vented bonnet and open up the front.  .

Fenders are glued and drying, so it should be back on track tomorrow. 

Small Update.....

Come follow my RWD R31 Missile at GCRC this Tuesday night. I'll be setting a line far from the wall as the back end is long and even longer with a custom exhaust.

Should be a good machine to set a comfortable line for followers of the now code named HMAS Skyline aka the Battleship!

Flat gun metal grey???   R31 in da house!

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