Sunday, May 22, 2016

R32 Low Style Project #8

RE-Xtreme .RSG. R32 Low Style Project #8 is now 99% complete.

Based on the A~Bo~Moon Flames and utilizing the Pandora BN Sports R32 as a base, I've now built 6 of these and supplied masks for 8 in total.

My previous 2, I was begged to sell but this one is not for sale. I plan to hang onto it until it's destruction.

Features, Custom exhaust and wing. GT-Power lights and HPI Mirrors and Intercooler. IRoHa Number plate is a bonus. Through dash 10 point cage adding to the D1SL image.

Glitter based flames really reflect in the light. Low Style means LOW...

However this beast represents another kind of R32. Stock bodied R32 made wider at the rear and the front bumper is cut for that "D1 Practice Car" look.

This really has a realistic look to the body. Cage might be a bit misplaced however.

Light kit will be put to good use this Tuesday when #08 meets #09 that I have passed to it's new owner.

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