Thursday, May 26, 2016

Driving the Details

A car needs a driver.

When I used to run 1/12 Pan Car in about in 1985!!! , a driver was a MANDATORY item.

With so many figures (including the Wild Willy from 1985) on sale these days. Let's make it so for drift.

While making a new body recently, I matched this Wild Willy Bus Driver to the colour scheme. And started to prep a few more.

I use the reliable Tamiya paints for simplicity.

After doing some black outlines, I work back to cover these as much as possible.

So the closer I get to completion , the outlines almost disappear.

NOTE: These pictures on your PC are about 4x bigger than the actual size.

You can spend as much time on tone and contrast as you like. But simple is just as effective. 

I already have a Tamiya Sand Rover Buggy Driver painted like Luke Sykwalker, But I wanted a similar head to match my current machine.   Making some details out of off cuts is pretty easy.

Some small stickers and a few sharpies later, the Beardman is ready for action!

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