Saturday, May 28, 2016

GCRC Mahem #Part 2 Triple Moon

An amazing fun session. Team work at it's best.

Some crazy lines and attack style fun. If you take life too seriously, You miss out on a lot.

 The 3 most recent Moon builds were on track today.  Built for door to door fun.

These machines  are effective the mirror image swapping red for white.

The R32 Low Style project has definitely inherited the fun drift style of A~Bo~Moon

Some more R32s always join the party.

While we practice. This red machine will soon be replaced by a new R32 to join the team. 

About 3 weeks seems to be the normal time~frame to pick up RWD from Countersteer.

I handed over the Blue Flame to get some pics. 

and pretty soon, it was ON!!!! Battle style.

Running the wall is just something that has to be done. These two look awesome together. 

Superb fun battles. Mixing it up. 

Everyone now running awesome lines. Check out  the wing over the fence here!! I'd say thats the Perfect position!!!

MST VIP XXX-D with low cost modes VS DRB-REW Conversion. Both effective.

FR-D in the Mix. I did so much driving today that the M12S couldn't handle the pace. depleted battery ending my operation.  

Kapow!!! just off line... But we were trying very very hard. 

But every lap had a reward.

Amazing day at GCRC Raceway!

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