Friday, May 6, 2016

Mil Comp Part#1 - Bods

How do you stand out in a crowd. Think differently.

Some amazing machines on show. Some new, Some old.  but all cool

Winner of the body comp would receive this awesome trailer as 1st prize.

 J-Style EVO X vd FD3s

Lined up beside all kinds of machines. Turbos. Superchargers. 

recessed into the bonnet.

 Good to meet some more A~Bo~Moon machines.

Dishes and Pipes.

Clean Lights.

New Boss S14 with Overdose 326Powers rims. A nice clean build.

Clean Street Themes vs Full race machines.

 Beasty 280ZX wearing Hulk Green.

The winner of the body comp was this KenMeri Skyline.A bit of modern classic theme with the R32 livery. But details and unique parts took the popular vote.

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