Tuesday, May 17, 2016

GCRC Training Part #1

GCRC Showtime!

The quality was very high tonight. 80% RWD action.

Some tandems door to door.

and the drivers doing what the cameraman wants. Right on the fence!!

I was laying on the second track to get these shots. 

If they are where you expect is easy to get the shot. 

Bad Bull Buggy. FUN!

I asked the guys to get right out on the wall. It's a difficult line, but they can do it. 

Getting that perfect clip.

Deeeeeeep entry is required.

slow shutter speed means the shots are a bit "creative", but with out a $10000 Camera, we do our best.

 But the content is always spot on.

Liberty walk GTR. is cool! 


RWD entries grabbing big lock.

Big Entries and big angle.

Blinding lights!!!

Generally, everyone does pretty well, without much advice, but we took a time out for a bit of a drift school.

just explaining what we were aiming for made a bit of a difference.

Afterwards, when left to their own devices, the results are pretty good. 

With most on line and equal distant for the train.

But I can see the issue here...

It's the urge for battle or proximity where the line breaks down. 

This photo might look ok, close and in line... but actually not. We must keep that lead line.

A quick chop shows the incorrect line. To emulate the leading car and keep the same line and the same distance.  If we dive up the inside the lead car cannot set the line, it becomes trapped and forced to change. Thats where the distance in a train is necessary. no further forward than the rear wheel. 

In the next post I'll highlight some better positioning.

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