Saturday, May 21, 2016

DRB-REW Options.

Slight modification to the DRb-REW Battery Mount.

Thanks to "Driftline" engineering, I was able to add pair of 6mm holes tto the battery mount. This gives the option to run the battery 6mm forward and although this doesn't seem much, It may provide that small change you are after.

For me it is also practical for body clearance.

Left side front servo wiper is tapped for better attachment. 

WUN servo horn is used upside down. I'll be raising the wipers 2mm to reduce bump steer by keeping the upper and lower arm in line with the wipers.

And links to a short tie rod. I've also drilled a small central hole for the Servo Horn adjustment.

You can just make out the servo horn in this picture. 

For version 1.2 I'll be adding these to the CAD drawings.

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