Thursday, June 6, 2013

2103 mid year checkpoint.

I currently have my chassis all set up and handling well. So I thought it's time to document everything.

I'm using this S14 on my Drift Package. It's good for both carpet and asphalt and I'd say it's my favourite right now.

The meaty S14 has evolved again and again. It's current time attack / drift spec is pretty cool. I'm running +6 28mm Top Lines N-Model2 with a +3mm spacer for the street and Black +12 N Model on carpet.

 Underneath it looks like this. I moved the ESC back into its good home. New additions are the Team Suzuki CVDs, Imadoki SSG towers and the Street Jam bumper.

It sits pretty high for asphalt, but that's mainly due to the tyre profile.

 The chassis plate has a few scratches underneath as it was "used" when purchased, however 99% of components have been replaced except the main chassis and upper deck.

Next up is my RX-7 Spirit R.

It's new, but will be destroyed as I come to grips with RWD only.

Underneath, this Drift Package is completely different to the SSG. It started as a Type B, but has taken on a mix of Type C, Traxxas, Kazama and Wrap Up Next components in the front to achieve massive angle.

The SSG towers add a little bling to this machine as well as de-anodising and polishing the Alloy components. The Stock motor mount, Team Suzuki steering arms, HPI shocks, Wrap Up next suspension arms are the main items.

Active Hobby Link rear suspension will soon be matched by a front mono shock.
Custom items include ackerman bar, lead weights, Front gear case and some small touches.

As a temporary measure, this Street Jam Keyence Running Set is installed from my DRB (it will be the same in the photos below.)

 My next machine is this Powervehicles inspired JZX. with extended wheel base.

The Kunnyz Chaser is a nice design, But we all want the Mark II.

Underneath lies a Yokomo DIB SSG 275mm chassis. Most Alloy upgrades are Yokomo except the rear Kazama Hubs and a few Overdose components.

The front gets  a team Bomber SSG bumper plate.

Speed Passion Dokyo Motor features with tachyon ESC and this one has a Futaba servo. CS is 2.3 for fun oversteer.

This body is the JDm Missile FD. A pandora body. It hasn't had much use due to my other 3 chassis which debuted in 2013.

This FD is a bit wide but still has a nice shape.

Underneath is my DRB. I have used this a lot with solid maintenance. It still produces the goods. 

I've changed a lot of stock components for top shelf items. It is primarily a carpet competition chassis but hasn't had much use in Australia.

 de-anodised and polished. It still looks awesome. Sanwa MT4 telemetry is installed for temperature monitoring and RPM readouts.

Currently this chassis is donating electrics to my Rear Drive Drift Package.

I think that's all

Plans for the later half of 2013 are very limited due to funding.

Money permitting, a possible RC926 Carbon chassis is also slated for the rear drive conversion with OD parts to complete.
Sanwa M12, Super Vortex turbo ESC and 10.5T motor are on the wish list to complete the full set.

but those are dreams.


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