Tuesday, June 11, 2013

RE-Xtreme FD3s Spirit R - Night Mode

Yeah Baby! The FD3s is looking cool. This lucky shot with a bit of LED glow is great!  

night time drifting is fun, and you need some good coverage. 4 up front should be good. 6 White 5mm and 2 Blue 3mm.

the result is a nasty machine. the chrome around the headlights looks good too.

these are GT Power 5 pattern Flashing LED. So there's a bit of variation.

for $8 these cheapos from RC Mart do the job.

I hate wiring. I wish the wires were just a little bit longer, so i could hide the light unit though.

There's a lot of dangle from the roof, But it balances against the driver. hard to see.

I mounted the flasher selector on the number plate recess. If I crash in reverse or someone hits me, there may be a pattern change.

I have 1 more modification that you can start to see in these photos.

I have cut out the front oil cooler location for twin brake ducts. They look cool, but you'll have to wait for those. Glue is setting.


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