Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Drift Package Options.

There's a lot of parts out there for the Drift Package and there seem to be more and more but you can't get a drift package without considering the other MR4 TC (touring car) chassis.

Here is a list of chassis that have been produced and some discontinued. No wonder it all gets confusing.

Yokomo MR4 TC SD
Mid Rear engine, Touring Car, Shaft Drive
Shaft Drive chassis versions with inter-changeable parts.

Drift Racer RTR Link
Bushes, fixed suspension geometry, springs only no dampers, fixed gearing.  
Drift Package Type Basic Link
Bearings, adjustable suspension geometry, basic air dampers, fixed gearing.
Drift Package Type A - Street Link
1/2 Bearings, Adjustable suspension geometry, basic air dampers, fixed gearing.
Drift Package Type B - D1 Link
Bearings, Adjustable suspension geometry, basic air dampers, adjustable gearing.

Drift Package Plus Link
Alloy Oil shocks
Drift Package Super Plus Link
Alloy Oil shocks and some alloy components
Drift Package  Super PLUS Limited Edition discontinued Link
lots of alloy
Drift Package Special Plus SSGP edition discontinued Link
for grip 
Drift Package Plus Deep Rim version discontinued Link
Short suspension arms for wider wheel bodies.

Upgrade Stage 1 (Shocks and Bearings) 
Upgrade Stage 1 Ver 2 (Shocks) 
Upgrade Stage 2 (CVDs and one way)
Upgrade Stage 3 (SSG Chassis) discontinued

FCD Options
   Front One Way Bearing
   Front Steering Arms
   Rear FCD Gear Set
   Front Castor C Hub or Hub
Other option parts. Link

Drift Package Type C
Drift Package Type C Plus Link
Drift Package Type C Special Link

Drift Master discontinued
CSG Chassis and Open Alloy gear cases
(very much like a shaft DRB) Link

Pure touring
MR4 TC SD CGM (Carbon Graphite components)
MR4 TC SD LCG (low centre of gravity carbon chassis)

DMAX - Centre variable diff, Split battery
DPM- Centre variable diff, lateral battery

RF Concept. Short Wheel Base. Front drive.

Drift Package Type C Conversion
Adjustable front and rear Castor & Adjustable Rear Toe suspension.
More angle

Drift Package Imadoki Conversion
SSG Chassis, High angle steering + One way

Upgrade kits.

Active Hobby
Front Midship Conversion discontinued Link
Front Midship Conversion kit 2 Link
Link Suspension

Conversions Link
JC-100 discontinued

2013 JC-120 triple layout
2012 JC-130 Silver Carbon

2012 JC-100 Ject RC926 Collaboration


2013 Carbon Conversion Chassis
Adjustable flex.
2.0mm and 2.6mm versions

TN Racing Link

C-MAX Chassis

2013 TN-700 RE:Birth Absolute Drift Package (pictured)
Adjustable chassis flex
Twin Servo Conversion,
adjustable steering arm location

Kazama Auto
Upgrade parts
2012 Conversion for R31 suspension

Tech Racing
Shock Parts
2012 Gear Drive FCD Conversion Link

2013 Parts Set.

2010 RE-R belt drive (using) Drift Package suspension

Wrap Up Next 
2012 FR-D
Rear Drive Conversion Link

Option #1
Full Alloy Copy.

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