Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Drift Style Gallery - Setup.

The Gallery show area is ready to go.

Everything is in position.

I added a bit of material around the edge for that show stand feel.

I had some rubber mat laying around that I use for building on also.From my unfinished previous diorama, I also have some polished tiles and bricks laying around that make the space bigger.

It's all layed out like I had imagined.

Displaying a chassis or a Body is easy. A good size for displaying... I'll be polishing up this DRB a bit more.
Inspired by the D1:10 world event a few days ago. Gotta get the chassis shining like the wheels. 

 Out back there's room for a garage. I may make another display area here with a bit of paint.

If i find my old Tomy drift cars, this will work as a track also. hehe.

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