Saturday, June 22, 2013

RE-DP Spec R - Test 4 Video...

OK.. the final test before I take it somewhere large to run with both 2wd and 4wd.

I tried 3 things today.

1. 4200 Short Lipo pack rear mounted. Immediately noticed better balance. Rear bias helped my Drift Package a lot. There is so much weight over the rear now.

2. RC 926 slightly harder springs all round. It only took about one turn on the rear to get a great balance.

3. Heavy alloy wheels. 
Well these were very very good with the naked chassis. I'd say near perfect. Good traction and good weight for slide. But unfortunately they were just 2mm too wide with my current hub setup on this body.
So I had to return to the Weds.

While not as good, have a look in the video. The setting is pretty much correct for running without a Gyro.

Driving is also much easier without the body. You can see the wheels and chassis move instantly and you can make exacting corrections to steering.
With the body on, steering correction is a little slower, and therefore a bit more difficult.

As they say in Japan. Gambarimasu. Try your best.

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