Sunday, June 23, 2013

RE-DP SSG Tsunami Spec 2.0

 This chassis is my great all rounder. Carpet or Asphalt, slow style or fast aggression. Night or Day, It can do it all.

I bought the main chassis for $100 in very poor condition so I don't mind destroying the underside on asphalt. I replaced 90% of it during the re-build to create something special.

The steering mechanism in this older SSG Stage 3 Drift Package mounts the servo in the opposite direction and the servo saver is installed on the chassis. Not wanting that setup, I went to more conventional drift package parts and position. Custom servo mount was needed.

I subtly resized the opening where the spur fits. so now I can take a much bigger spur gear. 

Keyence Luxon KG 7.5T with 20T pinion.  88T Spur gives good throttle control.

Overdose gear cases add some weight along with the Team Suzuki lower arms.

Kazama tops on these shorter drift package upgrade shocks provide good ride height adjustment.

This street jam bumper weight doesn't actually weigh much at all. It's only temporary until I can source another Team bomber item 

The SSG Stage 3 shock towers are not as elegant in design as these imadoki versions. the rear one has the wider mounts which I am using to mount the S14.

Sitting atop the Drift Package is the monster.

Total weight is around 1.9 kg with the body. Don't let that fool you. It's still very fast and very versatile.


  1. I used the same steering block and lower block like yours. However, my front wheels are very loose, do u have the same problem?

    1. there is always some play in the steering of RC cars.

      you can insert a small piece of foam in the ball ends.

      you may need to add shims as necessary to suspension components.

  2. please make some video on asphalt
    i wonder about the cs angles

  3. there is a video here on carpet.

    It's the FC3s RX7

  4. May know overdose Alumnium Gear Case can fit or not for DPM rear Gear Case

    1. OVERDOSE gear case does NOT NOT NOT fit DPM rear.


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