Monday, June 17, 2013

Drift Style Gallery Diorama - Build

Introducing my latest little project. The RE-Xtreme Drift Style Gallery.

Not yet completed, but well underway, I decided to create a little bit of a multi-finction area.

I created this Auto Show style display to photograph my RC models.

Just a couple of coffee cans and a bit of wood. Total outlay is about $10.

it's a 500mm x 500mm display area, with a stage/podium. Gotta add some more stickers and make the stairs.

It's actually a 50mm raised platform, so I plan to finish the edge with a bit of fabric.

If I move it to an area with a plain background, or on my RE-Park carpet section,  I'll be able to take some nice photographs.

Of my chassis builds.

Body Builds and parts display etc.

Having had to leave my old diorama in Japan, I've been missing a place to do some photography.

Should be finished soon.

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