Saturday, June 1, 2013

DIB Upgrade.

My DIB has received a minor upgrade.

I swapped the Team Bomber SSG bumper stay on here from my SSG drift package which now has a street Jam version. Subtle but cool.

RC926  Hybrid springs have also been upgraded.
Hard/Super Soft on the front.
Soft/Med on the rear.

Still running CS 2.3 and steering linked to Willy's head.

The chaser has been repainted. Chrome remnants with translucent silver / white / black.

Just need to re-install the lights and it's back in action.


  1. im diggin your layout. im just finishing up my first dib build and im looking at this huge reventon esc hanging off the side of the deck thinking "this is kinda weird". might look into shorty lipos.

    1. Well, it does make more space.

      I had to raise the deck 3mm to fit turnigy short lipo.
      Be careful which brand you use.
      Yokomo Lipo are a few mm thinner.

      then your tension is effected.

  2. Why do you give it a name, such as your car? You all car is sound pretentious.

    There is enough in this that it is a hobby of ostentacious.

    Black is enough... yes?

    1. haha.

      My car names started as product names. Easy to understand.

      I used to supply full sets.

      Red = Samurai
      Blue = Tsunami
      Silver = Typhoon


      therefore you know exactly what it is.

      my chassis are
      RE-DRB CSG Typhoon Spec 1.8
      RE-DIB SSG 275 Samurai Spec 2.3
      RE-DP SSG Tsunami Spec 2.0
      RE-DP Typhoon Spec R <- rear wheel drive.

      I could change this.
      RE-DRB CSG Typhoon Spec 1.8
      My DRB with a carbon graphite chassis and silver alloy and 1.8 counter steer

  3. ... or just maybe "my DRB"...

    1. These days it's ok,

      But I used to have 3 of them.

      RE-DRB CSG Typhoon Spec 1.5
      RE-DRB SSG Tsunami Spec 1.8
      RE-DRb SSG HT Tsunami Spec 2.0


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