Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Drift Style Gallery - Build Complete.

Fist pump! the Drift Style Gallery is complete.

Today's project was Stairs and Stickers. Not exactly a masterpiece of engineering, but effective.

Found this guy to test height etc. I stickered the stage background with sponsors logos like is the style these days.

Watching paint dry is as boring as watching paint dry! I decided to fill in the time by drying something else. I coated the wires on my DP-R with black liquid electrical tape for the all black look.

And did a little chassis clean up. (yep need to change those springs.)

Finally things were fairly dry in the freezing cold temps today. so I moved inside and started finishing the sticker application.

Here is the result. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. of course there are always things you'd change, but for now it's cool.

I have ramps on hinges that I can display or tuck away. I'm undecided on the stage floor. Maybe black? Maybe keep white. You won't really see it anyway when shooting from low angle.

Photography can start now ... I'll have to get some lighting in place.

Big enough for my DIB 275 also.

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