Friday, June 7, 2013

RE-DP SSG Tsunami Spec 2.0 Upgrades

Small upgrades for more impact.

It may not look like much has changed. but there is now some more "Tsunami" blue on this machine. 

 I've been swapping components around recently to get better balance among my chassis.

The Imadoki towers I use on this chassis with the Team Suzuki lower arms are really designed for the shorter stoke Drift Package items.  I had a new set lying around so I decided the blue was needed to replace the silver items I had previously installed. 

The Kazama height adjustable shock tops are set to the perfect length for this. Unfortunately the lower spring set is plastic, but eventually I can replace this if needed.

But the overall goal of a greater adjustability and more blue alloy have combined well.  


  1. i love this chassis. i thought it was for sale?

    1. It is 4 sale,

      Doesn't stop me getting everything perfected.

      I doubt there are many people in the top end market that don't build their own anyway.

      I think it's even better now.

      When I look at my photos I always find things I want to change / improve.

  2. Replies
    1. I tested the other day... It's awesome now. Nothing really changed, Just swapped some parts around. but the shocks are the best fit.

  3. c parr

    hi russ do you still have this package very interested in buying it off you
    have sent you message on face book thanks chriso parr

    1. I sent a long message in reply to your ktm email.
      did you receive it?


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