Friday, June 21, 2013

Yokomo DR-Bling Project - 1/2 way

It's been a while since I de-anodised my DRB.So time to step up.

I previously hand polished the chassis after removing the blue. but without adequate tools, the finish wasn't really up to spec.

Inspired by the D1:10 chassis contest, I decided to break out the Dremel and add a better finish to the alloy. 

The result depends on how much time and polish you use. As you can see, chrome is pretty close.

The DRB bridge is a rough surface so I had to smooth it out before it can get the shine I need.

I'm about 1/2 finished. 6 hours so far.

I could spend loads more time, but honestly, it's awesome off camera. the camera doesn't capture reflection.


  1. Paging Dr. Bung!

  2. Hi want to build a DP-DIB I can buy it from banzai for 390.00 is this the way to go ? also would like to hopup to the max hubs arms steering braces ect overdose or Yokomo... is the longer chassis the way to go what bodies will it fit? setup is everything in my eyes it makes of a more pleasurable experience... I think this chassis might be a good addition to my collection or would you maybe suggest something else... I would be very grateful for any advice, also I would like you to be my guest and invite you to our club to drift on the carpet track next time your up my way Brisbane Regards' J Giessler.


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