Saturday, June 15, 2013

RE-DP Typhoon Spec R - Arm Brakes

Today was a chance to get in the shed and make some stuff.

The Yokomo upper arms I had from the type C kit were really un-needed.

I decided I could make some replacements. I mean I didn't use any other parts from the Type C kit.

Just these upper turnbuckles which I will replace anyway.

I'm still getting massive angle. this is more than you need, even for RWD.

I also decided to run these cheap eagle brakes. I'm just using the rotor as the caliper mounts have different bearing size.

Rears also get the treatment.

While missing the calipers, they still make things look better. (made some RAAF stickers for my fathers RC plane today also)

Details are complete.

I think the FD3s is done. I don't think I will bother completing the rear wing mount. It's pretty strong as is and as I am not running at MAX ONE, there are no overpasses to hit.

The car is sitting here on a piece of board. I'm going to be making a "Victory lane style podium"

Just a place for some photography.

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  1. what lower arms are those?

    great job with the upper arms btw.


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