Thursday, June 13, 2013

Testing in RE-Park. (aka. the Garage)

What can I test today...?

New rims. Spice 57D

New Shocks just needed to be dialed in.

Almost perfect. RC926 tyres working well.

the rear shocks just needed a tab more compression.

Lets move on to this difficult Rear Wheel Drive scenario. I think I need stiffer rear springs. The weight on the rear worked out really well. Almost the same balance as my test weights. It's strange, these springs still have loads of compression left.

Front also became quite stiff.  but theres a fine balance between rewarding and frustrating.

I think I tried about 40 different settings of the just this combo.

Once I had a good setting with my En Route rear tyre / Spice Front tyre combo.

I tried these poly carbonate Active Hobby tyres. They have so much grip I though it would be a good experiment to see the chassis reacts.


Rear wheel drive can be super fast and never spin just by tuning the tyre.
Finding the right compound for speed vs slide vs driftability

Active Hobby on the rear only would go straight only. no grip on the front from Spice.
Active Hobby all round would get limited turn in but once sideways with full power, Super fast drifts were possible with NO spinning at all.

So that test was for fun, but it proved my theory.
tyres are very important in rear wheel drifting.

I tried these on painted concrete and they gave pretty good balance.

then I moved to asphalt.

Street Jam hard fronts and HPI Wide T-Drift rear.

while I didn't test very long, I actually took my Street on the Hill and I had a pretty positive feeling. there was finally enough grip to overcome the hill and get some traction.

Weight is 1.9KG for the chassis without the body.

Here is a SMALL VIDEO.


I decided to make my own alloy upper arms. final is a bit longer than this though.

I am still undecided on the rear wheel drive drifting trends. It all seems a bit delicate to have masses of fun.

 I'll see how my next test goes. 

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