Thursday, June 6, 2013

RE-DP Typhoon Spec R - Test 3 Prep.

Updates for today.

Yesterday I moved the blue electronics back to my SSG Drift Package so today was a strip down, de-anodise and re equip with the Street Jam branded black Keyence items from the DRB. I also get the Silver Overdose servo arm.

he front end's lower Wrap Up Next Arms, received a de-anodise and polish. WOW. they are so shiny! they came up better than my other components.

Next jobs

1. Trim the Kazama knuckles right down. I discovered the extra adjustment length on the arms is hitting on compression. I think I can safely lose the 3 holes.

2. front mono shock... or use my shorter drift package shocks. Hmmm. Custom arms need to be made.


  1. Arms for a mid-mount mono shock?

    90 degree arms can bump into the shocks.

    135 degree arms swing differently but allow clearance.

  2. 90 degree arms tend to be more of a problem for guys running passive centre shock links, but can be used quite easily with floating mono-shock setups.

    Arms over 90 degrees are also very difficult to find, especially in alloy.


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