Tuesday, June 18, 2013

FC LED and Dash.

What is going on here? Subtle LED install in the front. Just 2 lights, but the chrome housing gives off ample lighting.

In the back I've got 2 winkers and I split the 2 Red LED into a Y mount so I could get 4 working.
I mounted the flash selector in the right side. She's a bit rough back here. 

I already opened up the front fenders, and I'm debating opening the front bumper. Maybe I'll add some alloy ducting and a V-Mount for something to do.

I have limited resources to make parts, so I vaguely crafted an FC dash. and moulded it up.

The result is far from perfect.  But not too bad.

the windows are already tited so you can hardly see this anyway. But it adds something.

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