Monday, June 10, 2013

RE-DP Typhoon Spec R - Weights and Mounts

 A few detail updates to the chassis, starting with offset.

 I had just a little too much tuck on the wheels.

the addition of 1mm spacer +10 offset resulted in a pretty good look. Total width is around the 205mm mark.

this is just a fraction of available lock.

Rear end has another 20g on the hub.

 I'm pretty happy with how my weights came out.

Simple mount on the top.

 I also made a body mount today. I guess this is Version 1. I already have version 2 planned with a raised centre.

playing with the dremel is fun sometimes.

 Very simple. but effective.

These are some of the leftovers from my Drift Package 4wd. Complete?

Apart from chassis plate and some bearings... pretty close.


  1. What exact parts are needed? Also, if you're willing to sell the scraps I'd happily buy them!

    1. To sell these... about $80 + post.
      I believe I have a full black steel hex screw set that would suit.

      These parts would be suitable for converting a Drift Package Type Basic
      into a CS 1.5 4wd conversion. You'd just need steering arms.
      Imadoki arms 600 yen.

      I also have a 99% complete Type C conversion kit. $60 + post

      I have these and near complete Type C conversion.
      Lots of turnbuckles and ball ends.

      to complete this chassis,
      I'd still need a main chassis and motor mount (RC 926 conversion should free up this one.)
      Wheel bearings (a new brake kit will donate those.)
      then just a fem minors like gear box braces and shock top mounts.

      I'll load them on my out let page soon.

  2. I'm not sure about the idea of unsprung weight at the rear corners... Surely it will just slow the reaction of the rear suspension.

    1. Me either...

      I'm going to do a test to see how it behaves.

      Seems to be a popular mod in Japan to run weights on the hub itself.

      My thinking is, it should keep the wheels on the ground a little more and allow the chassis to roll a bit more. the link suspension i have on the rear is a wierd item that likes more roll.

      These RWD chassis really struggle for speed so anything i can try for traction is on the cards.


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