Friday, June 21, 2013

DIB 275 and Bodies

Testing a bit of photography on the stage with the RE-Xtreme RE-DIB 275 SSG Samurai Spec 2.3

7 deg castor C hub and team Suzuki Alloy.

Team bomber front bumper support is cool.

HPI intercooler mount is a pretty poor design. the pastic is too soft!

I may just stick it on the JZX.

tensioner for the undersize front pulley.

Double tensioner for the raised rear deck.

Plenty of space in the 275 chassis, especially with a short pack.

FCD 2.0 gear set. About the only thing i want to change is the rear RR 2.0.
I want to use a FF zero deg for more slide.

Kazama rear hub has more adjustment.

Springs are quite stiff in the DIB. Chassis flex is rather large.

Head movement is connected to the servo.

 mounted on the inner hole of the servo saver.

you can almost see the connection.

This Powervehicles Chaser JZX100 is the main body for the 275. 

Mikuni Genosis +9 are painted to match.

The Spastix chrome paint failed, so it was mostly pulled off and replaced with PS.

This Mark X is just completed. I'm liking the wheel selection.

Front splitter and side skirts are constructed from off cuts.

Backup stickers were used instead of the intended design.. 

F1 style rear diffuser completes this beast.

Slide time.

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