Friday, June 7, 2013

RE-DP Typhoon Spec R - Shock Prep

No sooner had I checkpointed everything. I wanted to change some things.

The result is a lot smoother and more Yokomo.

I was running long stroke HPI shocks, but I decided to re-arrange my shocks on this and another chassis. I replaced the HPI with these Yokomo DRB items.

Due to the low mounting position on the Wrap up next arms, I moved the position to the inner most hole on the tower.  i get less binding, more adjust-ability and smoother arc to the suspension. 600 oil and I'm using a harder spring, but I'll probably go back to the RC926 versions.

I also trimmed the Kazama knuckles so they now sweep all the way through without fouling.

Yesterday I de-anodized and polished the lower arms. I had to extend the lower shock point also. TN Type C extensions wer used for this.  

 Team Suzuki Steering arms + Team Suzuki damper mounts used as extensions connect to the shortened kazama knuckles.

here is the lower view of the chassis.

Out the back its all Active Hobby Silver components that dominate.

The Link suspension is a complicated, well designed mechanical traction upgrade that seems to be working nicely.

Clearances are tight. adjusting droop with this installed is a bit of a nightmare. I've trimmed some of the fins off the motor mount to allow for the larger spur. and the polished stock item looks OK, but getting a good gear mesh with the spring is trial and error.

20T pinion 84T Spur allows for good throttle control

Luxon KG with Active End Bell is bling Bling.

New Accuvance motors are coming soon. They have a similar look to this with a little more machining around the Join in the 2 piece can.

Here are my rear shocks. 200 oil rear 600 oil front with slow rebound pistons. Even with the 250g weights on the rear diffuser, I can still run Ultrasoft/Soft hybrid with the lower mounting point. 

I still have those Overdose touches. Rear Overdose 44/2 shaft and CVD add a bit of strength. DRB rear knuckle with spacers add more bling and weight.

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