Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Maximum Drive - Part 1

Today, I took this old bash, masher FD down to Max One. I like the carbon-look look.

 It's an old shell, that had some bad damage, so I just covered it up with vinyl. The kunnyz wing looks good though.

The remains of the old scheme are still present.

It was fun today running this body, But I had to remind myself.... "Hachi Rocku JYA NAI" It's not an 86. I hit the rear a number of times and the top line became a game of "find the right line"

I ran with a few guys today, This Weld JZX still looks good.

I was also joined by a couple of FC3s, this one wearing demon camber like me. 

We had a bit of fun through the day.

The BN sports kit is cool. But I'm sure if yokomo ever made a BN sports kit for the FD, it wouldn't be wide enough.

Monster FC is right.

This is a nice shot in widescreen, but I couldn't fit it in this format.

So I'll end with this one.

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