Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Maximum Playtime is almost over.  There isn't much time left for me and Max One.The sun is setting you might say.

Two days ago, The owner of MAX ONE annouced it's closure for the 21st of October 2012. (Something I have known for a while.) and... 
I will also be leaving Japan soon after so you may find a big void in RC commentary from Japan.

I am really making all the time I can afford to get down and slide. But it will soon be over.

Today, I slapped the red 86 on Max One temp staff Teru-san's White Wolf. He doesn't push super hard and so, never crashes, but keeps a perfect line. I spent the better half of 5x40min battery sessions, attacking my red Samurai 86 just millimeters away with the blue beast. I took a LOT of video. So when I get around to the long edit process, you will see some high quality tandem.

While the Mikuni Genosis new release black version +9 (10.5 front and 12.5 rear) look great on the blue car.

Teru loves his old school JDM, so used these wide steelies on the 86.

The result is cool in action and the top pic was superb also.

Even if offset was a bit "mexi" flush

Takeuchi-san's 180 is always under attack. Today I scored "400 points"

Sayo-chan getting in some practice for next weekends twin-dori event. Pity I can't make it.

The pink fettish will never end for some... This OD DRB is always extremly fast. I have to flatten my drift to keep up with these boys.

When they are side by side, there is little margin for error.

New Overdose genosis on this New Yokomo DPM. It really is a great chassis. Shaft lovers should get one.

That instant response is what people love.

Yossy's DIB in action. Before I played with his setting... 

Sayo-chan is MAX ONE staff also. SHE has this drift package circulating very nicely. Not your average drift package. It's 100% aluminium with pink parts.

Maybe others are envious.

The R31 owner also was playing with this new Sakura front motor chassis with a one way. It's a totally different thing to drive. I can't say I like it at all. Braking with this chassis does nothing. You have to use it like a pendulum. Swing it left and right. Still in shakedown mode though.

Also today I saw a Tamiya TA-06 Active conversion in action which was much better but 6 times the price.

But play continued. I think I ran 7x40minute sessions. Sometimes my 4200 batteries last an hour. Depends how much throttle I use.

My gear. I like the feel of the short thin and light 2800 battery. But run time is only around 30 minutes. I have 4200 batteries also in short size.

Play Play Play

The bridge is dangerous. But we don't hit it so much these days. We are all pretty good. I must say. Our drift trains are super cool.

The guys are having a small party with me on the 10/10. So that will be my last day at MAX ONE.

One year of extreme enjoyment. What does the future hold... I am not sure.


  1. So where do the carpet drifters of Tokyo go now?


  2. There was a long discussion tonight among the regular members.

    Chance is 2 hours by train or car from MAX ONE.
    But there are 10 or so carpet tracks. they are just spread out a lot.
    Many circuits are in totally different areas.
    Yokohama has the greatest concentration.
    There are many options but Waru or Yokohama T&E Park tracks seem to be most suitable.

    For me Kazama is next closest but I live in a different area.

    they will find a new home.

    A new track will open soon enough.

  3. I hope I can be there when it does. :)

  4. russ, how do you get 30mins from a 2800?!!!

  5. I am completely distraught, I can not believe that Max-One is closing, the coolest indoor track ever and it will be gone.

    It's unfortunate I never got to run on it, was it that it just wasn't profitable, or is it the fact the owner just lost interest?

    Please keep us up to date as what going to happen next!!

    Love the blogs!

  6. Carpet is not so hard on batteries.

    I rarely use full throttle. 2800 is close to 3000

    sometimes, 1/10th throttle is all I need on a 6.5T motor.
    It's always set at 75% end point. so RPM is way down.


    If I go to Kazama D-Link. It;s a HUGE track and its 100% EPA and 100% throttle 50% of the run.

    No way can I get 30 mins... more like 15-20.

  7. what wheels are on that red 86 ?


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