Wednesday, September 5, 2012

RE-Xtreme Tsunami 86 debut in MAX ONE

Here it is... 100% complete. Well... maybe.

 Things were a bit tense in the beginning as with any new car at shake down.

But I think you'll agree, this is freaking HOT!

 The rear exhausts are too bright... even after a lot of tinting. I think I'll disconnect them.

The fenders on this car are spot on. no rubbing even with my +12 and 3mm spacer.

I'm running it about 1mm higher than the other body. I didn't need to trim anything.

This image is insane.

The ADVAN logos on the tyres look the part too.

It's very "C1" shutoko racer style.

Today at Max One, Yamada-san had changed the layout. It's a bit more technical. (as in slow) but everyone gets a feel for it.

Iishida-san and Yamada-san going at it.

It's fun to watch but of course I joined in too.

and more.

and more challengers on the track, getting the feel for it. Many people are practicing for a "SHAFT NIGHT" with drift packages. 

See if you can spot anything different in these images.

It's easy to see...

well... maybe not..

This is the money shot.

Driver at work...

OK, well the first change are the second set of wheels. these SA-55M look AWESOME!

Yes AMAZING! but what's that on the bonnet...

you can almost see it here.

The WRX STI bonnet scoop is perfect for the 86. It's just double sided taped on right now, but it will be recessed and carboned. I like it.

I  love this shot!

Anyway, as expected these wheels didn't last long as I clashed wheels with Yamad-san on many occasions as we went at it side, by side. This is NOT from crashing.

So that was the first half of the day... the next post will have even more...

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