Wednesday, September 19, 2012

RE-Xtreme DRB Typhoon Spec

I've decided to de-anodize and polish my DRB.  Code name RE-DRB Typhoon Spec

I've always had three levels of tune for my chassis sets.

Tsunami Blue/Silver, Samurai Red/Black and Typhoon Silver.
For now I'll use the Carbon Black chassis before I decide to get an overdose chassis or not.

I picked up a few things to aid the transition to silver surfer.

Overdose Spur Cover
Overdose Servo Saver Horn
Overdose Damper Adjustment rings
Overdose Antenna Holder

Active Luxon KG Heat Sink End Ball

Silver Wire Cover

Shortly after this shot, the blue wire tachyon was replaced with my silver one and all the wires were cleaned up.

For a transition it's looking good.

Next week I'll be starting the process.

Bling it.

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