Wednesday, September 26, 2012

DRB Typhoon Spec

Here is the complete RE-Xtreme Typhoon Spec Chassis.

The result is very impressive. Silver and Carbon Surface Graphite is a great contrast.

This is about 95%. I've since hidden more wiring and changed the last blue items.

A work of art.

The Silver overdose items work well and all the white lettering on existing blue items remained. Lucky.

I like this shot. Some Mikuni Genosis in Black complete the build.

3 days acid wash and polishing... Finally comlete.... except for my spares... can I be bothered.. Maybe.

Tsunami Body on the Typhoon Chassis.

 What does everyone think?

 Click for a larger view


  1. It looks nice, but surely a silver shell is in order?

  2. Well, I have definitely thought about it.

    Silver BRZ with wide fender and hood scoop?
    Yes, Yes Yes

    NO NO NO

    1. Silver black tribal typhoon BRZ with wide fenders and high wing... with custom cut tribal side-dams.

      Plus a new paintjob for Willy...

      A man can dream.

  3. Love it so much I emailed you for a swap. Didnt get a reply so I thought I would drop you a line here.

  4. Sorry I missed the mail. Please send again.


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