Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New Chassis Choices. ZEON / DPM & more

Yes DPM. Yes Tuned. What you see here is a drift package that isn't a drift package at all.

Today, Takeuchi-san finished his DPM. These pictures show a silky smooth build similar to his other Yokomo cars.  Overdose DRB, Overdose DIB and now DPM. Note the new steering hubs and upgrades. They do allow a lot of lock.

Overdose parts are used for driveshafts and main bling items. Spur gear cover will hardly be seen, but the servo saver arm and overdose damper adjusters will be. 

Also favoured are RC-Art shocks with titanium shafts.FCD 1.5 is installed. Alloy sus arms and other things to come.

The build is finished with an Overdose bumper support, new Overdosegenosis wheels and some wrap up next nuts.

Electrics are Futaba with Keyence Tachyon Aria in matching silver carbon and a Luxon KG with blue Anodised cover (that I supplied cheap.)  too bad it;s hidden under the yokomo fan cover.

Anyway... this is awesome. Theres a lot of steering travel. it drifts very much like a DRB / DIB and very little like a adrift package. I tried it today and drifted alongside. Yokomo shaft owners, this is a definite must have upgrade. Use that old  DP for Rear wheel upgrade and get this DPM...

Hmmm. on that topic of "Shaft Love"....  Check this Zeon Mark III. Yes it's another of Takeuchi-san's chassis.

Prior to the DPM, this was about the only full tune shaft chassis worth spending a fortune on. 

 They really work well. This one has a west mountian rear conversion plate to accept drift package FCD gear. Street Jam chassis parts and upgrades are plentiful, therefore you can make these chassis bling easily.

full metal jacket. until this week I was considering one of these. but after sampling the DPM also, Maybe I'll stick with Yokomo.

Max one customers today also brought this sakura. Maybe running by next week.

 It's a bit "tight" and has that cheap feel to the plastics. Cheap but no one way as yet and probably needs a few mods.

The Owner of this Overdose DRB is trying one of the mods from the latest magazine. Simple link front suspension. With a chassis of already high ability, Its hard to really notice too much change. But it felt a little smoother post change however the shocks are moved outward.

This is the OTA-R rear link setup. Another super effective chassis.

And a nice tachyon spider install in this TA-06. These are still an amazing chassis.

So what's the choice for around 50000 yen? probably a DPM for 30000 with 20000 or upgrades will make a nice machine. but a super nice spec is still around 80000.

I think that's whats needed for a super bling chassis.


  1. Why are they using RC-Art shocks in favor of the stock Yokomo shocks?

    1. タミヤのTRFダンパーと寸法が一緒で色々なカラーがチョイス出来る。だからOVERDOSEのショックピストンセットが使える。シャフトも最初からチタンコート。

    2. Did you understand Takeuchi san's reply.
      He is the owner of these chassis.

      Color choice is one reason, but you can also use the new Overdose high precision piston set. It has limited play and when used with the titanium shafts, they work really smoothly.

      Tamiya TRF dampers also have a lot of parts made for them that share spec. Tech racing, RC ART, RC926, Overdose special pistons, etc etc etc all suit.

      Yokomo dampers are updatable to ... Yokomo.

    3. Also the snap on off ends are a great time saver.

    4. Yeah, I got it. Google Translate works quite well with Japanese fortunatly :)

      How long are the RC-Art dampers? The TRF dampers are too short IMO, and the snapoff ends are a downside to me as they wear out quicker than the Yokomo's ends. I'd like to try the RC-Art dampers sometime. I'll keep it in mind. Right now I'm using the Yoke dampers with TNRacing and ActiveHobby internals and TiNi shafts.

    5. you can get all kinds of adjustable ends.

      Have you seen tech racing or Kazama.
      adjustable independant ride height

  2. "...probably a DPM for 30000 with 20000 or upgrades will make a nice machine..."

    Which upgrades, and would they be for bling or for performance?

  3. DPM comes with a Front one way, and alloy sus mounts. for about 34000yen.
    FCD 1.5, 7 deg front castor set,
    Some RC Square universal shafts to accomodate camber and wider wheels
    Maybe some alloy team suzuki alloy suspension arms.

    About 20000 yen extra.

    mostly performance but bling comes with it. The hubs are anodised and the sus arms will be silver too

  4. Should someone wish to build a fully 'blinged' chassis, do you think it would be better (or more financially viable) to start with a donor and replace parts or just build something entirely from option parts?

    Just wondering.

  5. Used or basic chassis would be good and then replace everything.

    There are some things you may need from a base chassis depending on which one.

    But allow 1000$

  6. hi Russ, which bumper is used on the dpm? is it from the OTA R31?


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