Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Max Attack - DRBodied GrOOp ShOOt

Here is a beautiful shot... I like it a lot.

 I love the red reflections on the 86 door. I needed just a little more depth of field though in this shot.

Reminder... must cover the rear light bucket.

So there was my Tsunami 86.

May One Overdose DRB with Weld Burger Cresta.

The Hpi Weld JZX with large diameter wheels looks awesome. The driver is a beginner but I had fun with him all day. He is getting better. It makes a big difference starting with a great chassis. He is almost up to speed after just two days with the Overdose DRB. 

enter Takeuchi's 180sx. This is a chinese copy body. It seems to be holding up. Mikuni wheels and the chassis is also an Overdose DRB. 

I spent a short time today setting up the suspension on the MAX One DRB Chassis.

This is a nice shot too. I like reflections.

layout cut and paste for a header.

Lights on! My 86 looks awesome on the Highway section at full counter.

So there you have 4 DRBs and 4 different bodies. All cool and all fun. but

Q: Why is the 180sx soooooo big.
A: Because Yokomo.

So you may notice the 86 has some pretty wheels and a little more detail... Read the next post.


  1. What spoiler is on the 180SX? Looks like the Wangan wings Oamurai used to make a few years ago.

  2. I'm not sure
    Some of these guys make their own on a 3d printer


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